Unit 10 2 2 explain

They are personalised to suit each business and can include letterheads, compliment slips, invoices, business cards, leaflets, brochures and catalogues. It is important to remember when creating bespoke documents that the aim is to give a good impression to other businesses or customers; to do this, documents need to be professional and well thought out. Ideally, business documents should use no more than 2 different fonts, as it may look messy with more than this.

Unit 10 2 2 explain

Improving the system can be important as it prevents the system from crashing and will Unit 10 2 2 explain it to maximise performance. Hardware Improvements When using outdated or broken components, improving the computer by adding new components or replacing old ones will allow the computer system to be operate faster.

Increase Hard Drive Capacity The computer system that was used has a very small amount of storage space GB on their hard drive so an additional or new hard drive could be added to the computer to improve its storage capacity.

Adding another hard drive would be beneficial as it would allow for more storage space on the computer — the user can have more programs and documents on their computer.

Similarly, a larger hard drive would also speed up the performance of the computer. There are two types or hard drive that could be added to the computer — internal or external. It has two GB platters that can be accessed at speeds of RPM and the disk delivers high performance and lower power consumption.

Unit 10 2 2 explain

The large storage capacity of the disk allows for more programs and files to be stored on the computer. It can hold up to 2 terabytes of data and uses a USB 3. The hard drive also comes with a power management feature which manages energy efficiency; a performance management system also optimises performance.

Overall, this external hard drive provides fast, portable access to large amounts of data and can be used as a backup device for the computer. With 2GB, the computer cannot load many processes, this means the computer will be slower when loading and running programs.

Increasing the RAM capacity of the computer will allow for more processes to be loaded into the computer at faster speeds. Increasing the RAM will also increase the speed at which the computer boots up and functions.

It has a speed of MHz which is faster than the current speed of RAM in the computer so will improve the computer systems performance. Software Improvements Like hardware, software can be replaced with newer versions or deleted if it is not needed.

Updating software allows for better system performance and means the programs the user needs are more useful. Upgrading software improves the computer by fixing any bug issues with the program which stops the computer from slowing down.

The new version of the program also has better stability and increased performance. Having the latest version of application software also means that the user will have more features available to them which can help improve their interaction with computer.

In some updates, the program will have been adapted to deal with new viruses and security threats. Upgrade Operating System to Latest Version Similarly, upgrading the operating system can cause a significant improvement on a computer system.

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By upgrading the operating system a computer system can benefit greatly from more features, better security, more compatible hardware and software components and more stability. Having more features will make the computer easier to manage, more secure and provide a better GUI environment for the user.

Similarly, most hardware and software components will be optimised for use with newer operating systems so may not perform well in the computer system.

Upgrading to a newer Windows OS typically requires the user to pay for the new version of the operating — a discounted price tends to be offered for anyone already using Windows. With Windows 8, upgrading to Windows 8.Georgia Standards of Excellence Curriculum Frameworks GSE Geometry Unit 2: Similarity, Congruence, and Proofs Mathematics.

The processor is also known as the central processing unit (CPU) and is considered the brain of the computer because it fetches and executes instructions. COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM UNIT 2: FIRE SAFETY AND UTILITY CONTROLS JANUARY CERT UNIT 2: FIRE SAFETY AND UTILITY CONTROLS PARTICIPANT MANUAL INTRODUCTION AND UNIT OVERVIEW (CONTINUED) UNIT TOPICS This unit will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you will need to reduce or eliminate fire hazards and extinguish small fires.

GLH: 10 Unit code: PT1/3/NQ/ QCF unit reference number: J// This unit has 4 learning outcomes. Learning Outcomes Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret communication methods in different ways.

Identify barriers to effective communication.

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