The importance of continuing professional development

Prior to attempting to understand how to make the most of the various CPD opportunities available, it is important to understand why CPD is important, why it exists and its primary purpose. Why is CPD important and why does it exist? Continuing Professional Development exists to ensure that an individual enhances their skills and abilities once they have formally qualified.

The importance of continuing professional development

A list of activities which may be counted as CPD is detailed above. Workplace activities such as case conferences could also count as CPD activity if you systematically reflect on what you have learnt. Similarly, research and clinical audit activities can be recognised as adding to your professional development if you can account for how they have contributed to your own personal learning.

Private, documented, self-directed learning such as keeping up to date with relevant veterinary journals can be incorporated into your CPD plans and it is good practice to keep your own personal record of such activities, perhaps in the form of a learning diary.

You can use the online PDR to keep such notes. When documenting your private study, you should record: There is no restriction on the number of hours of online assessment or mediated distance learning that can count towards your CPD.

You should keep notes of all such activities so you can account for what you have learnt. Achieving such a qualification will provide ample evidence of The importance of continuing professional development in CPD activities.

The importance of continuing professional development

How can I plan my CPD? You should review your CPD needs regularly and plan ahead so that you can make the most of development opportunities as they arise. Planning ahead will also enable you to take part in more cost-effective and focused activities, rather than attending seminars or other events ad hoc, and then finding that they perhaps did not meet your needs.

If you take part in an appraisal process at work, this will help you to identify areas you need to concentrate on, and should also provide you with an auditable record of your agreed development plans and activities.

What should be recorded? You can then sort the columns however you wish, by activity type, by date, subject area, location, or hours spent.

You can also see at a glance from your summary record if you have uploaded further files, or entered notes against each activity. For the subject area, it may be helpful to group different activities together under subheadings, e.

Time is considered to be the simplest way to record CPD activities.

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What other records should I keep? If you are using the online Professional Development Record, there are sections for you to keep a more detailed reflective account of your development activities, as well as a structure for recording your plans.

If you wish, you can upload electronic records of attendance, certificates, photos, and other notes. If you are only using the printed version of the CPD Record Card, you should keep a separate personal file with any certificates of attendance, learning diaries, CPD plans, assessment results, or other documents that serve as evidence of your involvement in CPD.

You may find it useful as part of planning your professional development to have a detailed account of your learning experiences for your own reference.

When do I need to submit my CPD records? We also inspect CPD records for all veterinary staff when it undertakes its statutory visits to the veterinary schools. Records may also be requested from members who are subject to investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

However, we will not routinely be able to view the more detailed records and plans underlying this summary screen unless you have given permission through the system. You may occasionally be asked to give that permission, either as part of a random sampling exercise, or if you are subject to an investigation and disciplinary proceedings.

Where can I find information about courses and other CPD activities? The Library holds over 30, books, reports and conference proceedings, all available for postal loan upon request. This includes being able to download full-text articles from a wide range of journals and carry out your own literature searches with access to millions of abstracts.

Library membership also provides substantial discounts on services such as photocopies of journal articles, postal loans, literature searches and quarterly updates. Quarterly updates are lists of bibliographic references of recently published articles on a particular subject.

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Why is CPD important and why does it exist?

The Importance of Continuing Professional Development. Continuing professional development (CPD) is accepted as an integral part of teacher education because only a continuing learning and training assures a high level of expertise and enables the teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Refuel is the Australian Institute of Architects’ brand for continuing professional development (CPD). Refuel CPD programs and modules are produced both within the Institute and by approved third-party providers – the Refuel CPD Providers Network. Describe the Importance of Continuing Professional Development Continuing professional Development is a fundamental part of Teachers educational as only a Continuing Learning and training reassures a high level of knowledge and allows Teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up to date, examples of CPD consist of.

Guidance on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the Profession of Pharmacy Describes the components of CPD as an approach to self-directed lifelong learning and offers categories and examples of learning activities beyond CPE that can contribute to the development of pharmacy professionals.

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