The effects of social classes on

Tweet children lower classes lack The effects of social class can be felt anywhere. Almost every aspect of society is influenced in some manner by social class.

The effects of social classes on

In doing so, it examines the effect on social economic through pollution, drugs, and discrimination. S population, the upper class shares about one percent in the highest socio-economic level.

It includes persons of different discipline such as politicians, celebrities, top business managers, and heirs of prosperity, this happens to wealthy generation or the old rich. Persons with high class tend to have privileges and deep roots towards socio-political authority, this makes easy access towards political figures in terms of power and authority.

Furthermore, their lives depict comfort and stability, different from those of lower social status. They seem to enjoy social amenities such as private first class jets to wherever they go.

The effects of social classes on

In addition, they secure and maintain private lawyers, doctors, accountants, and other homesteads fully staffed with qualified personnel. Most of the high-class jobs exceed one, unlike the rest of the population, but rather play vital roles in managing other investments.

This is to say, their ways of generating income is far from wages and salaries like that of any ordinary person, but roots from investments made. They hold a significant effect towards the influence of the public, economic decisions, and public opinions.

Sometimes the upper class tends to give back to the society, however the negative effect tend to outdo this by overlooking at their actions. One significant approach on the negative approaches looks at is through the exploitation of the poor.

By owning large portions of businesses, the high class seeks to enjoy large mountable profits. They go out of their line to exploit the less fortunate through labor force, and with poor pay.

This slows down the economic and social status of the country through poor developments hence widens the gap between the rich and the poor.

The social class especially upper indulge in activities of promiscuity and adverse effect. This questions the world around on issues of hard drugs, both Heroin and Cocaine. The adverse effects of these drugs are known, no doubt about it. It results to addiction, family break ups, and finally death.

Such deaths by such addict persons is through stern addiction and overdose, hence making it difficult to let go, and instead involving in the habit.

These drugs require large sums of money to acquire or even purchase, because they are illegal in parts of the world. You will see the upper class having an easy access to these drugs; they buy in bulk and later sell them at smaller bits only to exploit those who cannot afford.

This encourages drug trafficking at the expense of making money. The exquisite nature of classy social status not only embarks on comfort but also it poses a threat to the society, as targets.

Their extreme richness is seen to the point of owning private yatch and jet, moving along with large motorcades explicit with security men to give security. With them money is everything. They can buy anything they want without hindrance, unlike the feeble class who always feel the pinch of purchase whenever in a tight budget.

This shows a significant societal issue in the aspect of discrimination and insecurity as core problems.

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It poses unfair questions on others are living through comfort, while others are merely surviving. Moreover, nepotism is another factor to consider. It refers to the line of power and influence through family and friends. This is discrimination in itself, a negative vice in the society, which hinders development and success.

Most are the youths of both middle and lower social class with reputational degrees but secure jobs at informal work places, yet those in upper class population use power and influence to get through top positions, without considering qualification and transparency.

How Does Social Class Affect Education? |

This proves to the point of nepotism, a social barrier. In addition to this, those with little rely upon the immense wealth by the rich. Activities by the rich upper class pose a significant amount of economic imbalance. Inflation is an example of a social- economic problem especially to the middle and lower class.

When it comes to impulse buying, they exaggerate so much. They spent less time in the bargain of food, land, clothes, or even building materials.

This leads to high market price of most products, other words inflation. The hierarchy to social class system is termed as social stratification.

This ranks the category of people by status and impact through generations to come. It permits three fundamentals as main aspects of society. These are prestige, property, and power.Social class has both a cause and an effect relationship with family composition, and lower social class is often correlated with one-parent households.

Key Terms birth rate: The birth rate is typically the rate of births in a population over time. Social class affects education because the people who are in lower social statuses are not able to afford a premier education, the necessary tools to complement a public education, or continuing education.

People who are in a lower socioeconomic standing also have a harder time staying in school. Negative Effect on the Middle/Working Class Parents too tired for kids Kids are out of control/lack of respect Fathers are portrayed as uneducated morons Mothers are lazy, uneducated, ditzy Fathers have no authority Negative Effects on Lower Class All unemployed .

The Outsiders: Effects of Social Class Words | 8 Pages. Social class describes the different "layers" that exist in society. These "layers," or classes in society, are a division that civilization has been running on ever since the beginning of mankind. In most modern societies, our system of social class division is one of opportunity.

The Negative Effects of Social Class On Society. This paper analyses the negative effects posed by the upper class in the society. In doing so, it examines the effect on social economic through pollution, drugs, and discrimination.

The results of this growing body of research on the psychology of social class suggest that, in addition to considering visible markers such as gender and race or ethnicity, so too should social class be incorporated into the larger dialogue about culture and diversity in the United States.

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