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Technical manager

Gradual rollout during phased deployments Phased deployment status Phased deployments now have a native monitoring experience. From the Deployments node in the Monitoring workspace, select a phased deployment, and then click Phased Deployment Status in the ribbon. This dashboard shows the following information for each phase in the deployment: How many devices are targeted by this phase.

The current status of this phase. Each phase can be in one of the following states: The phased deployment created a deployment of the software to the collection for this phase. Clients are actively targeted with this software.

An administrator suspended the deployment. The color-coded deployment states from clients. Known issue The phased deployment status dashboard may show multiple rows for the same phase.

Phased deployment of applications Create phased deployments for applications. Phased deployments allow you to orchestrate a coordinated, sequenced rollout of software based on customizable criteria and groups.

Technical manager

Select an application, and then click Create Phased Deployment in the ribbon. The behavior of an application phased deployment is the same as for task sequences. For more information, see Create phased deployments for a task sequence. Prerequisite Distribute the content for the application to a distribution point Technical manager creating the phased deployment.

The wizard automatically creates two phases for application deployments. Gradual rollout during phased deployments During a phased deployment, the rollout in each phase can now happen gradually. This behavior helps mitigate the risk of deployment issues, and decreases the load on the network caused by the distribution of content to clients.

The site can gradually make the software available depending on the configuration for each phase. Every client in a phase has a deadline relative to the time the software is made available. The time window between the available time and deadline is the same for all clients in a phase. When you create a phased deployment and manually configure a phase, on the Phase Settings page of the Add Phase Wizard, or on the Settings page of the Create Phased Deployment wizard, configure the option: Gradually make this software available over this period of time in days.

Note This option is currently only available for phased deployments of task sequences. Support for new Windows app package formats Configuration Manager now supports the deployment of new Windows 10 app package.

The latest Windows Insider Preview builds currently support these new formats. In the Configuration Manager console, create an application. Deploy the application to the client running the latest Windows Insider Preview build.

Improvement to client push security When using the client push method of installing the Configuration Manager client, the site server creates a remote connection to the client to start the install. Starting in this release, the site can require Kerberos mutual authentication by not allowing fallback to NTLM before establishing the connection.

This enhancement helps to secure the communication between the server and the client. Depending on your security policies, your environment may already prefer or require Kerberos over older NTLM authentication.

For more information on the security considerations of these authentication protocols, see the Windows security policy setting to restrict NTLM. Prerequisite To use this feature, clients must be in a trusted Active Directory forest.

Kerberos in Windows relies upon Active Directory for mutual authentication. Try to complete the tasks. Then send Feedback letting us know how it worked. When you upgrade the site, the existing behavior persists.

Once you open the client push installation properties, the site automatically enables the Kerberos check. In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, and select Sites.

Select the target site. The site has now enabled the Kerberos check for client push. Click OK to close the window.So, you finally earned the promotion you dreamed about.

Because of your technical expertise and your ability to reach performance goals consistently, your organization made you a manager. Company with Technical Manager jobs Jack Henry and Associates, Inc. In , Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) was founded on the premise that strong relationships and sound technology go .

Want To Disable the Update/Software Manager. Software updates are an essential part of software use. By regularly updating the software you use, you stay current with the most recent software version, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and critical information you need to run your software efficiently and safely.

This article provides details about the monthly technical preview branch of Configuration Manager. The technical preview introduces new functionality that Microsoft is working on.

It introduces new features that aren't yet included in the current branch of Configuration Manager. These features might. Technical Manager Job Description Sample Template This free technical manager job description sample template can help you attract an innovative and experienced technical manager to your company.

We make the hiring process one step easier by giving you a template to simply post to our site. Over a Interview Questions For A Technical Program Manager - System Design Q&A, Project / Program Manager Qs, for FANG companies from a Principal TPM.

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