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Leverage opportunities to participate in industry placements and overseas exchanges — we have more than 2, industry partners and over 60 university partners worldwide. Study at the No. Complete a marketing placement as an elective to gain industry experience. Combine the business of marketing with the social sciences of communication.

Strategy unisa

Study at the No. Learn how to develop strategic information systems and processes.

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Discover how to solve real business problems by planning and applying IT solutions using the latest technologies. Develop additional expertise in accounting, economics and marketing. Gain practical experience through an optional internship or experiential elective and participate in a business simulation project.

Complete cross-disciplinary study with courses from the School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences. Public SA-founded universities only.

You will study accounting, economics and marketing, and learn how to develop strategic information systems and processes and how to solve real business problems by planning and applying IT solutions. Employers look for graduates who can apply theory to real industry challenges.

During your degree you will access career-focused electives and internships in industry, building your confidence and gaining valuable industry experience.

Strategy unisa

You then move in to your specialisation studying courses in areas such as design thinking and digital innovation; programming, problem-solving and systems analysis, and IT and database fundamentals.Here is the best resource for homework help with MNG strategic management at University Of South Africa.

Find MNG study guides, notes, and practice. Find Study Resources. Main Menu; by School Distinguish between corporate-level strategy, business-level strategy and functional level strategy. Provide a clear example for each level. UNISA Contacts. Sally Bowron.

PA/Team Administration, Strategy and Governance. Northland Regional Council.

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Contact. Member Councils and staff contacts. Northland Regional Council. Hon Phil Heatley Strategic Projects Manager. Contact. Whangarei District Council.

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Tony Horton Manager – Strategy. 2 1. OUR CONTEXT Five years into the implementation of its strategy - Unisa an Agenda for Transformation - Unisa has paused to reflect on progress, to reprioritize, and if necessary, to reformulate aspects of its strategic plan in.

Name three reasons when a focus strategy is worthwhile pursuing and three pitfalls of such a strategy (6) What is a “Best-cost strategy,” name three reasons when it most appropriate to use and three pitfalls of such a strategy? I have always been captivated by the world of marketing and the UniSA Business School was the best choice for me.

Industry connection has been a great feature of this degree with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, a world-renowned research institute unique to UniSA, bringing industry experience and leading marketing research.

[email protected] Mr Hennie Visser Tel: [email protected] Ms Colene Hind Tel: [email protected] Strategy and Marketing Strategy and Marketing.

Area Head. Acting. Prof Angelo Nicolaides Tel: [email protected] .

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