Sony products according to bcg matrix

Internal factor analysis summary Source: As created by author 1. Existing plan of business and strategy and Competitive position of Microsoft Corporation: Within this section current business plan and strategy has been analyzed with contemporary example.

Sony products according to bcg matrix

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There are a myriad of market analysis tools available for companies of varying sizes — The Boston Matrix, also known as the BCG Matrix is one of them; it is a quick and wonderful assessment tool for reviewing the profitability of inventory and where it stands in your business portfolio.

This simple tool allows for basic insight on products that need investment or products that are best retired.

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Of course, you are making your own projections on a market which is always challenging to predict. Big companies have more information available to the public in the news. Please conduct research from various sources before considering making any investments or liquidating assets.

Whether you are Apple Inc.

Sony products according to bcg matrix

If you are an investor reading the trades, you can also use this tool to make a quick assessment of companies that are worth your investment.

As shown in the graph, the Boston Matrix has four main quadrants. The product in the market compared to its competitors. The growth rate of the industry as a whole from which the growth rate of the product is extrapolated. High market share, high growth, high cost, low short term returns.

High market share, low growth, low cost, high returns. Low share in saturated market, low growth, little return. High potential, low market share, low cost, uncertain returns. It was a strange new device with only one button in comparison to the BlackBerry and there was uncertainty to how the public would take to this product.

However, the product quickly rose to stardom as a leader in the smartphone industry.

Strategic Planning of Microsoft Corporation

Despite all the availability of phones, the iPhone is still a strong seller in the market and they are now considered cash cows. Continuing on with the analysis of Apple Inc. Both of these products have high potential, but uncertain returns.

While Apple was innovative in changing the way music was sold with iTunes, they were relatively slow when coming into the music streaming business.

Similarly, people are moving from cable to digital streaming for video entertainment. The small screens allow access to email, the internet and more. However, if I were to wear a watch, I would wear an actual watch.

The watch business is already very saturated and growth potential seems nebulous, thus the Apple Watch might be a dog.Problem Statement This report seeks to address the following requirement: “To study about the products BCG matrix analysis followed by The LG Electronics Company.

Purpose of the Report The objective of the report is- “To acquire the practical knowledge of BCG matrix analysis followed by The LG Electronics Company. BCG MATRIX of LG Company According to its Products • BCG Matrix STARS (Air condition & Refrigerators) QUESTION MARKS (LCD) Market Leader- Sony LG and Samsung close competitors • Attributes affecting Purchase Decision: Documentos similares a BCG Matrix of Ge Matrix of Lg Electronics India.

Cargado por. Deepesh Kapoor. Boston Consulting Group Bcg Matrix Marketing Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: According to this matrix, business could be classified as high or low according to their industry growth rate and relative market share.

Sony products according to bcg matrix

SONY BCG Matrix. For instance, the new Apple iPod music player that looks trendier and user-friendlier hit Sony mini disc player before its mini disc can even reach the stage from stars to cash cow in the BCG matrix.

The reason is that consumers that use iPod are not required o purchase additional memory gadget. Created by the Boston Consulting Group, the BCG matrix – also known as the Boston or growth-share matrix – provides a framework for analyzing products according to growth and market share.

The. According to the BCG matrix, Gatorade can be categorized as a: Star Home theatre systems are becoming more common as their quality increases and their price drops.

BCG Matrix for Videocon - [PDF Document]