Robert nardelli leadership style

An ethical leader with the right values can set an example for others and resist temptations that may occur. Recent portrayal of business executives however, is often viewed as greedy, competitive and only concerned with compensation.

Robert nardelli leadership style

Robert nardelli leadership style

Nardelli out at Home Depot No. Home Depot said Nardelli resigned effective Tuesday and that vice chairman Frank Blake would succeed him. In a statement, Home Depot said the board and Nardelli had "mutually agreed on the decision.

Nardelli had faced growing criticism from shareholders for what some of them called a very "generous" compensation package relative to the stock's weak performance, slowing profits and a regulatory probe about its options practices.

Behind the flameout of controversial CEO Bob Nardelli

But to his credit, Nardelli's tenure also coincided with one of the most profitable periods for the company. Home Depot shares fell 1.

Robert nardelli leadership style

Lowe's shares fell 7. Schultz said Nardelli was "the right guy" when he was hired as CEO inbut not anymore. There was a less focus on the cost side of the equation, especially when sales were astronomical, Schultz said.

Other analysts and a former Home Depot official agreed. He knew how to work the crowd. He was a brilliant leader and very well-liked in the company," the official said, but added that as Home Depot's growth took off, some people inside the company felt that more discipline was needed.

But the change in gears was shocking to a lot of people who were accustomed to Bernie's laid-back style," the official said. But it's not seen in group situations. Telsey's Feldman credits Nardelli with streamlining Home Depot's operations and implementing technology to improve the supply chain.

But now, Home Depot needs to reinvigorate growth in the U.

To his point, Home Depot's earnings-per-share [EPS] have increased 20 percent a year for the past four years. However, the company expects EPS growth for its current fiscal year ending January to increase only between 4 to 5 percent.

Feldman cited two obvious reasons for the slowdown: It's profit growth has slowed but it still generates solid earnings," he said. And second, he said, softness in the housing sector tends to dampen business for home improvement retailers.

Blake joined Home Depot in as executive vice president of business development and corporate operations. He previously served as deputy secretary for the Department of Energy.

The former Home Depot official called Blake "personable," a strong administrator, with very good relations with Washington.Robert Louis Nardelli (born May 17, ) is an American businessman. He was the chairman and chief executive officer of Chrysler. He had earlier served in a similar capacity at The Home Depot from December to January Robert Nardelli 's Leadership Style Words | 6 Pages.

When one thinks of the retail giant Home Depot they think of reasonably priced items that will aid them in home improvement projects. In the business world though, the mention of this chain store brings to mind the controversial CEO Robert Nardelli who left an organizational path of.

Bob Nardelli being introduced by General Cartwright Robert Louis Nardelli (born May 17, ) is an American businessman.

He was the chairman and chief executive officer of Chrysler.

Investigating the Fine Art of Leadership

Jan 03,  · Robert Nardelli, the CEO of Home Depot who came under fire for the size of his pay package as well as his management style, stepped down and will leave the No. 1 . The news that deposed Home Deport CEO Robert Nardelli is taking the wheel at Chrysler brings two important leadership issues to mind: 1.

The portability of leadership skills.

Business Ethics Robert Nardelli was heavily criticized for his leadership style and methods he used during his tenure as CEO of Home Depot. Using your readings for this week along with outside research, describe his style of leadership and take a position on whether . Nardelli’s leadership style side stepped the situational and contingency theories as he was not the touchy-feely type, open to evolving from task oriented to relationship oriented tactics. He either was unable or unwilling to adapt and match his leadership characteristics to . Robert Nardelli Leadership Effective leadership aligned with the core corporate strategy can serve as a powerful lever to achieve success in a fast paced business environment. We have seen great leaders taking their businesses to new heights.

Has Nardelli finally. Nardelli’s leadership style can be described as being “task oriented”, “directive” and “autonomous” and “autocratic”. Let us analyze his style when he was the CEO in Home Depot. His tenure at the company was marked with heavy-handedness and inflexibility.

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