Pumpkin writing template

Plot[ edit ] With fall in full swing, the Peanuts gang prepares for Halloween.

Pumpkin writing template

When next we hear of Kassia in she had founded a convent in the west of Constantinoplenear the Constantinian Walls, and became its first abbess.

It had a close relationship with the nearby monastery of Stoudioswhich was to play a central role in re-editing the Byzantine liturgical books in the 9th and 10th centuries, thus ensuring the survival of her work Kurt Sherry, p.

However, since the monastic life was a common vocation in her day, religious zeal is as likely a motive as either depression or aspiration for artistic renown. Among other things, she was subjected to scourging with a lash.

In spite of this, she remained outspoken in defence of the Orthodox Faith, at one point saying, "I hate silence, when it is time to speak. Together they ended the second iconoclastic period ; peace was restored to the empire.

Kassia traveled to Italy briefly, but eventually settled on the Greek Island of Kasos where she died sometime between and CE.

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Kassiani became known to the great Theodore the Studitewhile she was still a young girl, and he was impressed by her learning and literary style. She is regarded as an "exceptional and rare phenomenon" among composers of her day [6] At least twenty-three genuine hymns are ascribed to her.

Tradition says that in his later years the Emperor Theophilus, still in love with her, wished to see her one more time before he died, so he rode to the monastery where she resided. Kassia was alone in her cell, writing her Hymn when she realized that the commotion she heard was because the imperial retinue had arrived.

She was still in love with him but was now devoted to God and hid away because she did not want to let her old passion overcome her monastic vow. She left the unfinished hymn on the table.

Theophilus found her cell and entered it alone. He looked for her but she was not there; she was hiding in a closet, watching him. Theophilus, overcome with sadness, cried and regretted that moment of pride when he rejected such a beautiful and intellectual woman; then he noticed the papers on the table and read them.

When he had finished reading, he sat and added one line to the hymn; then he left. The line attributed to the Emperor is the line "those feet whose sound Eve heard at dusk in Paradise and hid herself for fear". Legend says that as he was leaving he noticed Kassia in the closet but did not speak to her, out of respect for her wished privacy.

Kassia emerged when the emperor was gone, read what he had written and finished the hymn. The music for the hymn is slow, sorrowful and plaintive, lasting about ten to twenty minutes, depending on tempo and style of execution.

It requires a very wide vocal range, and is considered one of the most demanding, if not the most demanding, pieces of solo Byzantine chant, and cantors take great pride in delivering it well. It is also sung by choirs in unison, often underpinned by Byzantine vocal bass drone. The faithful make a point of going to church specifically "to listen to Kassiani" that evening.

In many places in Greece, the Bridegroom Matins service of Great Tuesday is popular with sex workerswho may not often be seen in church at other times of the year.

They come in great numbers, in order to hear the Hymn of Kassiani, as the hymn is associated with the woman fallen in many sins. Contemporary historians such as Glykas, Ptochoprodromos, Kodinos, Zonaras and Georgios Amartolos described her exile in Italy during the Iconoclasy wars and later settled and died in Kasos sometime between and CE.Here you’ll find more than 30 printable pages and worksheets for a pumpkin theme!

Included are pages for math, science, writing, and more! Instant Downloads from A to Z’s Store. Sometimes writing is a struggle but they never complain about writing during this week! I decided to up the excitement and we turned our Pet Pumpkin writing project into a whole pumpkin week!

My math rotations are all pumpkin based, we discuss pumpkins in science, read pumpkin books, write pumpkin poetry, and just make a whole fun week out of it!

Pumpkin writing template

Since we had been working on strengthening our descriptive writing skills with the Haunted House for Sale project, I tweaked the template we use for that and included it, so they could reinforce their understanding of nouns and adjectives using the pumpkin.

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Computer Lab: Language Arts - Type a Friendly Letter | This interactive activity helps students to learn the five parts of a friendly letter. By following the step by step guide, students can create a letter and then print it. Kids can focus on content while the letter maker takes care of formatting.

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