Proffesional soccer in curacao

Hedwiges Maduro also joined the training session but did not join the training camp in Lausanne. Not bad for such a small island. Curacao Soccer Academy intends to prepare youth talents to a possible career as top athlete with a well-balanced program. Talent is just one aspect, but character, discipline, and endurance are equally important.

Proffesional soccer in curacao

Here is a passion for teaching and learning that doesn't let scarcity of resources and local concerns become barriers. The hectic schedule we followed meant exhausting days, but we gained a special appreciation for the ways Curacao educators are constantly striving to improve practices.

Curacao is one of five islands that make up the Netherlands Antilles. The others are Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius, and the southern part of Saint Martin.


Curacao is 35 miles from the coast of Venezuela, which has influenced the island through an influx of Spanish culture and the establishment of a large oil refinery to process Venezuelan oil. The island's population ofpeople represents nearly every nationality and race in the world.

Here, diversity of peoples is expected and embraced.

Proffesional soccer in curacao

Education officials in Curacao told us that educational practices must help the island build a strong economic base. The high dropout rate parallels the high unemployment statistics of the island.

Only 8 percent of students leave the island to pursue higher education, generally in the Netherlands. The Language Factor Three major issues shape the way education is delivered in Curacao.

One is language. The major language spoken is Papiamentu, a mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and African languages. The language of instruction shifts from Papiamentu to Dutch in the primary schools. This switch from their native tongue is difficult for some students, as Papiamentu continues to be spoken in the home and among the young people socially.

In elementary school, Papiamentu is only taught two and a half hours a week. The other subjects are all taught in Dutch. The greater part of the Curacao population Children from Papiamentu-speaking homes have relatively poorer scores in the Dutch language education system than children from Dutch-speaking homes To acquire a good command of any language, one must listen to it frequently, read it, and practice regularly.

In addition, those who teach the language should do so enthusiastically. They must have a full command of the language. It is in these very aspects that our teachers lack the necessary strength. Curacao ASCD has launched a campaign to have Papiamentu taught in the early primary grades at least until a firm language base is established.Changes Pro Sport Curacao, Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles.

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First name Quenten Geordie Felix Last name Martinus Nationality Curaçao Date of birth 7 March Age 27 Country of birth Curaçao Place of birth Willemstad.

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