Pope john paul ii leadership for

Attempted assassination[ edit ] The site of the shooting is marked by a small marble tablet bearing John Paul's personal coat of arms and the date in Roman numerals. This vehicle is now in the Vatican Museums.

Pope john paul ii leadership for

Through his constant travels, John Paul carried a media spotlight to corners of the globe that would otherwise never have commanded public attention. He urged people to think of this as one planet, to recognize a common humanity beneath and beyond differences of language and race and class.

John Paul was the first pope in the age of CNN, and he seemed born for the part. He wrote books, put out compact discs, staged massive youth rallies that at times felt like Rolling Stones concerts, and utilized all the other tools of pop superstardom to promote the message of Christ.

He did not shrink from modernity, but challenged secular culture on its own turf. Often enough, he prevailed.

He was a master of grand historical gestures. In he became the first pope to visit a Jewish synagogue since the age of Peter, and in the first pope to enter an Islamic mosque. In his final years, when age and illness took hold, John Paul managed to keep crowds spellbound without so much as the capacity to speak or move.

The pope struggled to walk, he slurred his speech and drooled badly, his hearing failed, and his facial expression became increasingly frozen. Yet he soldiered on, bearing his thorns in the flesh with grit and good humor.

For a world that has made an idol out of youth and beauty, this disabled pope was a strong counter-witness. He understood intuitively the famous advice of Chicago architect Daniel Burnham: His motto, Totus Tuus, Totally yours signified his devotion to Mary and his belief she was with him as pope, a conviction he saw confirmed in the assassination attempt of May 13, - the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

In his book Memory and Identity, he wrote: Inside the church, John Paul believed in order. Whether cracking down on religious orders perceived as disobedient as he did in by foisting new leadership upon the Jesuits or insisting on a sharp distinction between clergy and laity as the Vatican did in a document on lay ministrythis was in some ways an unapologetically hierarchical and clerical papacy.

Though John Paul had a keen sense of the lay apostolate, and favored the growth of new lay movements, he also demanded unity when Rome spoke. In pursuit of his great historical ambitions, John Paul left day-to-day management to his aides.

Since nature abhors a vacuum, this laissez-faire approach encouraged a stranglehold over the internal life of the church in the curia, the papal bureaucracy. John Paul reaped the bitter harvest of his disengagement inwhen a sexual abuse crisis involving priests exploded in the United States and other countries.

As the story unfolded, it became clear that the real scandal was not the personal failures of a small number of clerics, but the malfeasance on the part of speak-no-evil, see-no-evil bishops who did nothing about it. On the world stage, he was an apostle of human rights.

Inside the church, he tolerated a form of absolutism that some critics could not help comparing with the Soviet system he helped bring down. As the under members of the College of Cardinals - all but three now appointed by John Paul II - assemble in the Sistine Chapel to elect his successor, this contrast between the apostle of unity ad extra and the bruiser ad intra will be the central question they face.Aug 31,  · On the occasion of the canonization, we spoke with Widmer, already in Rome for this weekend's events, about what he learned about leadership from John Paul II.

John Paul II's witness to the reality of God's grace in the life of man, as divine presence and guidance, so inspired and touched the life of one of his body guards, a Swiss guard, that when the latter became an entrepreneur and a CEO, he set himself to emulate the virtues of leadership of the Pope/5(83).

The first attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II took place on Wednesday, 13 May , in St. Peter's Square in Vatican urbanagricultureinitiative.com Pope was shot and wounded by Mehmet Ali Ağca while he was entering the square. The Pope was struck four times and suffered severe blood loss.

Ağca was apprehended immediately and later sentenced to life in prison by an Italian court. The Lord took me to place where there was a very well known man. Before, I used to live the life of a double minded young Christian girl and as such I thought that any person that died would go to live in heaven; that those who celebrated mass would also go to heaven, but I was urbanagricultureinitiative.com Pope John Paul II died, my friends and my cousins would tell me that he had gone to heaven.

The longest reigning pope in modern history, John Paul II, took his message on the road, visiting countries -- several repeatedly -- on trips and logging more than , miles in a papacy that lasted more than 27 years. The Definitive Biography of Pope John Paul II.

Witness to Hope is the authoritative biography of one of the singular figures -- some might argue the singular figure -- of our time. With unprecedented cooperation from John Paul II and the people who knew and worked with him throughout his life, George Weigel offers a groundbreaking portrait of the Pope as a man, a thinker, and a leader whose.

Pope john paul ii leadership for
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