Martha isnt guilty essay

Stewart committed a crime. I believe that Martha Stewart was guilty of insider trading, lying and conspiring to lie, in order to protect their money. After reading this chapter on Business Ethics, primarily this case involving Ms. Stewart came to the fore front nationally because she violated the Theory of Amorality, which did not match up with her persona.

Martha isnt guilty essay

The year-old Californian was acquitted on charges of rape, indecent assault, and attempting to intimidate a witness stemming from an incident on Sept. Drew Segadelli said after the verdict. Assistant District Attorney Michael Patterson declined to comment. Smith was reduced to indecent assault before attorneys began their closing arguments.

Smith took the stand on Thursday. He was the last of six witnesses and the only defense witness called. He testified that the woman suggested they go find a bed to lie down on and, subsequently, they went upstairs to a bedroom where he said they groped and kissed each other.

Martha isnt guilty essay

Smith said she began to cry and when he asked her what was the matter, she kept crying. Smith said no, and denied holding her down or being kicked by her. While confirming she willingly went upstairs with Mr. Smith pinned her hands above her head against the bed. Sometime afterwards she testified she inadvertently got trapped in a bathroom and heard Mr.

Smith laugh and say that he would kill her if she spoke of the incident. On Friday, closing arguments lasted an hour and 15 minutes. The woman who accused Mr. Smith was in court supported by two people. He sat impassively, with his hands folded on the table, as defense attorney Mr.

Segadelli presented his closing argument. Segadelli stressed that the burden of proof stood with the Commonwealth, and he hammered away at the inconsistency in testimony by the woman, recounting long gaps in her memory and a blood alcohol content over twice the legal limit.

He also reminded the jury that she admitted to going to an upstairs bedroom with Mr. Smith shortly after getting to the house where he was staying with friends, after a night out on the town.

She also admitted to smoking marijuana just after arriving at the house. Segadelli said, using a phrase he would often repeat in his closing argument.

Segadelli also recounted the testimony of Bethany Herrema, a friend of the woman who was with her that night. In a written statement on Sept. Herrema stated that she had told Mr. Smith to be safe and to use a condom, and that she had one if he needed it. Smith forcefully held her down, Mr.

Segadelli told jurors that a physical exam at the hospital that morning showed no marks on her body to support her claim. The forensic evidence shows traces of Mr.

Patterson also asked jurors to use their common sense. Seeking to counter Mr.The Martha Stewart insider case was a high profile court case that captured media attention. It was also one that was filled with great ambiguity as it relates to penal aspect and determination of being guilty .

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Martha isnt guilty essay

Finally. Sorry it took sooooo long. #toomanykids It’s no secret that we are broke. I’m careful not to use the word “poor”, not just because I think there’s a lot more than money involved in a. “The Trial of Martha Carrier” by Cotton Mather I. Martha Carrier was indicted for bewitching certain persons, according to the form usual in such cases, pleading not guilty to her indictment.

There were first brought in a considerable number of the bewitched persons, who not only made the Court sensible of an horrid witchcraft. Martha has pleaded not guilty.. These charges stem from the fact that Martha Stewart is a close friend of Mr.

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Martha McCaskey Case Study Ethical Issues At issue in the Martha McCaskey case is a question of proprietary information.

More specifically, McCaskey is faced with the question of what constitutes proprietary information and what is safe to give to the client without breaching any trade secrets.

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