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The Meaning of Life: Kurt Baier Essay introduction. Baier focuses chiefly on the scientific significance of life. Scientists have made theories about the existence.

Kurt baier

The Journal of Value InquiryVol. Rescher, Values and the Future, Free Press: A substantial grant from the Carnegie Corporation and IBM was manipulated by the co-editors into this vast, almost sprawling, "Final Report.

Kurt baier

Kurt baier to these ends included undertaking "two large-scale preliminary tasks, not previously completed or even seriously tackled" [p.

These were c to inventory the values of persons or groups, including variations of these values and factors contributing to this variance, and the problem of d determining the soundness of values which are actually subscribed to [p. The contributors have variously striven to address these points.

As we shall see, their strivings fall considerably short of success. This product of the Pittsburgh Value Project can be treated in two major categories: Subject matter is more elusive of definition: We can pass over the greater number of studies of more traditional method as having little relevance to philosophical inquiry.

Gold, and Leland Hazard. Some essays are acute, as Professor Bronfenbrenner's discussion of the effects of technological change on the economic system. Some are outstanding in their humanity at least relative to the rest of the collection ; one senses this in Bertrand de Jouvenel's essay, "Technology as a Means.

Several essays are original; on the other hand, Professor Galbraith's contribution summarizes and restates the well-known thesis of his New Industrial State.

In the first section we will discuss the Delphi technique and its rationale. Then we ask if the method of expertise can contribute to objective science, thereby permitting the systematic and empirical realization of the first of the Project's aims.

We turn to the contribution of expertise to policy, as a means of guiding social change in desirable directions. Finally, we make some comments on the scholarship of this volume. Rescher has referred to Values and the Future as providing illustrative use of the Delphi technique. The Delphi technique is a means of seeking consensus of expert opinions, in situations where traditional predictive techniques are not appropriate.

Let us consider a case. Suppose a manufacturer of contraceptive devices needs a long-range forecast of the sales market for his product in Latin America, as the basis for investment planning over a twenty-year horizon. The size of this market two decades and more in the future will depend on a great number of factors.

One will be the extent to which the women of Latin America subscribe to the presumably unchanged norms of Catholicism. The traditional attitudinal measurement techniques will not suffice, as the women whose attitudes would be of interest are not today of childbearing age, and perhaps not even born.

Further, why assume the norms of Catholicism will be unchanged? To predict this sort of institutional change would require advance knowledge of the composition of the Papal Curia, of the personality and theology of a perhaps unnamed Pope, etc.

Again, traditional techniques of legislative roll-call analysis, etc.Looking for books by Kurt Baier? See all books authored by Kurt Baier, including Moral Point of View (Studies in Philosophy), and The Rational and the Moral Order (Paul Carus Lectures), and more on urbanagricultureinitiative.com A central part of a book by Kurt Baier takes up this topic, 1 and an entire book by John Cottingham does so.

2 Although Baier’s book explores topics such as religion and morality apart from their bearing on life’s meaning, I discuss his book solely in light of what it says on this latter issue.

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This is a collection of ten essays which all focus on issues in Baier's recent work, and forms a companion to "The Rational and the Moral Order". Kurt Baier, “Comments,” pp. – 2.

Kurt baier

At RMO, p. , note 14 and the accompanying text, Baier discusses the differences between himself and Gauthier about the conditions under which one can have reason to believe others will SCHNEEWIND’S REASON, ETHICS AND SOCIETY cooperate that is sufficient to make cooperation rational.

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