Itet master thesis

These types of floods pose one of the greatest and most far reaching glaciological hazards. Sincewhen these data were last assessed, models of subglacial water flow have made tremendous progress and it is now possible to model waterflow in great detail in two dimensions at the base of a glacier.

Itet master thesis

The following are just a few examples.

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Interested students may contact Prof. Irena Hajnsekor directly the focal persons for the topic in the context of the relevant techniques and applications for further information. A list of the completed student projects is available here.

General guidelines can be found herewhile more information regarding citation etiquette can be found here. Monitoring of agricultural crops using Satellite SAR data X-band Pauli RGB of an agricultural testsite acquired by F-SAR In agricultural resource management, soil parameters as well phenological information about agricultural vegetation play a key role.

However, agricultural vegetation is very versatile and has a fast changing character during the phenological cycle.

itet master thesis

In most studies, data is only available on few dates, not fully representing the phenological cycle and therefore making conclusions difficult.

Hence, it is crucial to have a time consistent dataset over a full growing season from sawing to harvesting. A time-series of TanDEM-X German aerospace centre and Radarsat-2 Canadian space agency data was collected over an agricultural testsite located in Germany accompanied by in-situ measurements for validation.

This thesis work aims at an assessment of the polarimetric signatures of agricultural vegetation using the abovementioned satellite polarimetric SAR data. Special interest lies on the following points: Variation of the polarimetric variables with time.

Comparison of the signatures for the different species of agricultural vegetation. Differences regarding the sensors TanDEM-X X-band, dual-pol and Radarsat-2 C-band, full-pol and evaluation of their added value for monitoring of agricultural crops.

The working language for this project will be English. Polarimetric and interferometric analysis of a satellite time series. In the last years, temporal observation of agricultural fields has gained importance under the name of precision farming.

While conducting in-field measurements of crop parameters are highly accurate, it increases the costs of analyses to a great extend. At this point, use of remote sensing techniques make precision farming applicable to larger scaled areas with much less cost and comparable accuracy. In the literature, there are several remote sensing based researches that focus on the estimation of phenological parameters such as crop height, vegetative volume, yield and leaf area index LAI.

It explains the phenological changes through growth of crops, by emphasizing the quantitative measures, such as: Number of leaves, number of tillers, grain size etc. The common property of all these parameters is that, they are all related to the physical structure of the plants.

This relevance makes one able to detect and understand the changes in time-scale by means of polarimetric and interferometric properties of SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar.

Paddy rice is of the most important crop in international agricultural market and recently it has been included in precision agriculture research. In terms of SAR, due to the complex nature of rice canopies, plants tend to have similar response in different growth stages. However, by combining polarimetric and interferometric SAR data, these complexity can be simplified.

The objective of this work is to explain the physical reasons of the similarity and empirically distinguish the different growth stages with minimum number of descriptors.Building upon an in-depth understanding of the research context, we seek to advance and test extant theories and derive implications for corporate managers and policy makers.

The objective of this thesis is on the understanding of the origin and movements of these large landslides in the area around Zurich. The major focus of this study is on the Bergdietikon landslide, which is the largest and most impressive one.

He is currently enrolled in the MSc Chemical- and Bioengineering program at ETH and has joined the LISE group in February to carry out both a research project and his master thesis. His work focuses on the use of new host materials for efficient perovskite light emitting diodes.

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