Hostpitality management

Hospitality Management Transform your passion for food, travel and event planning into the career of your dreams.

Hostpitality management

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Our curriculum focuses on travel and tourism, with an emphasis on successful management and promotion of all hospitality features: We provide a strong technical foundation alongside hands-on experiences in all aspects of the industry—from a semester long management internship to a weekly restaurant for faculty and staff.

Our Mission The Hospitality Management program prepares undergraduate students to be leaders in the management of hospitality and related businesses in a global economy by providing core competencies and experiential learning opportunities. Hospitality Management Program Learning Objectives: To graduate students who are exposed to the segments of the hospitality industry and can identify and demonstrate skills relevant to the operational areas of hospitality management.

Students will have gained hands-on and real-world experiences necessary to become successful leaders. To develop in students a sense of community service, ethical values and social responsibilities in a multi-cultural community.

When we studied abroad in Paris, it opened our eyes that hospitality management is more than just food — it's about engaging people. We want to open our own restaurant, and our instructors have played a huge part in our future careers.

Hostpitality management

They have helped us do a lot of networking through the school, and are really hands-on. We all become a family by the end of the semester.Portal and resource directory for hospitality industry professionals and students.

Hostpitality management

Includes the latest hospitality news, exhaustive company directory, a free job . Associate Degree in Hospitality Management On this page: About This Program The A.A.S. degree program in Hospitality Management provides students with a solid foundation in theory and current practices of the hospitality industry as well as a core of liberal arts and science courses that will prepare students for flexible career development.

Degree Outcomes

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Earn a Hospitality Management Degree Online. Make your workplace a playground! Top Resorts, Las Vegas, Gala Benefits, Festivals, and Chic Retreats aren’t just where you have the best time of your life.

Hospitality Management. The Hospitality Management program at Canadian College offers a range of both short and long-term certificate and diploma options, which are certified by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AH & LA) and internationally recognized .

Hotel Management Boutique Hospitality Management is a full service 3rd party hotel operator. Effectively managing independent boutique hotels with high returns for owners and investors is what we are known for in the hotel community .

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