Examples of contemporary ethnicity based jury nullification

Email Following the adoption of a new state law on jury nullification in June, a New Hampshire jury nullified its first major felony marijuana case on September 14 when jurors decided to free Doug Darrell, a year-old father of four grown children who was growing illegal plants in his backyard. Activists hailed the decision as a significant victory for the jury nullification movement, which aims to revive awareness about the power inherent in juries to protect citizens from overzealous prosecutors and bad laws by nullifying cases. Darrell, a Rastafarian piano tuner and woodworker who has been married for almost four decades, was arrested after a National Guard helicopter spotted some marijuana plants on his property in Barnstead. State prosecutors charged him with cultivation, a felony that could have carried up to seven years in prison.

Examples of contemporary ethnicity based jury nullification

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Where does one even begin with a story like this? It appears a group of teenagers beat a 25 yr. Supposedly, the young teens got into an argument with Mr. Ramirez, during July of last year, who had been staying and working illegaly in these united states for the past six years.

Ramirez to death, stomping and kicking him while he lay unconscious on the ground. In what I would consider a gang attack more than one attacker these three young men stomped someone to death, supposedly leaving him foaming at the mouth and unconscious.

Straying off topic for just a moment, I must say this: Deadly force is fully warranted in such attacks, and is exactly what you can expect from me in this type of situation.

Examples of contemporary ethnicity based jury nullification

This man was here in these united states illegaly, but the criminal penalty for that crime does not consist of beating a man to death. I will make it very clear, right here and now, that I do NOT support any criminals, regardless of skin color.

In another small town Postville, these jews had hundreds of illegal aliens and a meth lab. One interesting thing that stuck out to me right away was the fact that this is in a town called Pottsville. It was Postville, not Pottsville thanks to commenter below for pointing it out. Albeit this case is in Pennsylvania, but it instantly brought Postville, Iowa which I have briefly mentioned before to the forefront of my mind.

There are some interesting parallels, but you can draw your own conclusions. View it like this: Is one a distraction for the other? Does one help the other by diverting attention?

New Hampshire Jury Nullifies Major Felony Marijuana Case

I am simply posing questions that a thinking mind must ask. However, for assertions, I will say only this. There are no coincidences, and you are free to argue against that statement all you like. This does indeed prove my point about jury nullificationbut many will say this is whitey sticking up for whitey, and it can never work with multiple races trying to achieve this same goal for each other.

It will have to wait until a later date, when I can address jury nullification head on again, but my previous article is historically accurate when it comes to this topic, and it is STILL a viable option to fight tyranny. In fact with cases like this, they almost never are. It is quite possible that these young men were a group of angry young jews, much like Harris and Kleibold of Columbine fame.

They certainly have features that resemble the tribe in these photos of the attackers. Note the sloped head, heavy brow ridge, funny noses, and missing ear lobes, which are all typical features for their ilk.

A jew district attorney fails to make a "hate crime" stick? The District Attorney, James P. Goodman, for Schuylkill County is a rather obvious member of the tribe. It comes as no surprise because, the jewdicial system in America is completely infested with their ilk.

The absurdity of this almost beyond believable. In fact, if they really wanted these guys convicted, they would have made third degree murder stick. This leads to another question we must ask. A jew district attorney fails in an attempt to make murder charges stick.On the other hand, practicing ethnicity-based jury nullification may increase or damage further the racial relations which have been existing in our country.

(Clapp, ). Widening the ethnic relation rift can lead to various moral implications and increase racial discrimination. Include contemporary examples of ethnicity-based jury nullification. Race-Based Jury Nullification 1. Race-Based Jury NullificationCJA/August 15, Amberly Montoya, Curtis Sweed, David Green, Dennis Dewitt, Heather Feeley, & Michael Geist 2.

* Roger Isaac Roots, J.D., M.C.J., graduated from Roger Williams University School of Law in , Roger Williams University School of Justice Studies in , and Montana State University-Billings (B.S., Sociology) in Jury Nullification Paper.

Examples of contemporary ethnicity based jury nullification

summarize arguments for and against ethnicity-based jury nullification. Within the paper, it will also include contemporary examples of ethnicity-based jury nullification, and my individual position for or against ethnicity-based nullification. Jury nullification, of course, is a time-tested practice that goes back to before the American Declaration of Independence.

Essentially, it occurs when members of a jury decide to free somebody even though prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused did indeed violate a criminal statute.

Summarize the arguments for and against ethnicity-based jury nullification. Include contemporary examples of ethnicity-based jury nullification. Conclude by choosing a position for or against ethnicity-based jury nullification and defend your decision.

Jury Nullification Paper