Ethiopia pestel analysis

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Ethiopia pestel analysis

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On April 8,Ethiopian Airlines Group Ethiopian started celebrating its 70 years anniversary amid massive expansion of air transport services. Since its maiden scheduled commercial flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Cairo, Egypt, Ethiopian has shown tremendous growth which earned it the name, The Pride of Africa.

Over these years, Ethiopian has managed to maintain Ethiopia pestel analysis corporate identity of providing excellent air transport service even in the times of economic recessions and political turmoil in Ethiopia and most parts of Africa.

At present, Ethiopian Airlines is the prime airline in Africa, and it flies to more destinations than any other carrier on the continent. Ethiopian has marked decisive advances in the history of aviation as the first African airline to reach the skies.

In this piece, I try to present the chief achievements of the Airline, delving into the dominant success factors, and the important lessons to be drawn from such a public commercial enterprise to other state owned enterprises and public institutions in Africa.

Ethiopia pestel analysis

For African airlines, this challenge is only made more difficult given the negative connotations that persist with regard to the aviation industry. But, irrefutably, the legendary Ethiopian Airlines always paints a different picture. While most of the major airlines in the world and particularly those in Africa have endured very tough times in recent years Ethiopian has won a number of industry accolades and seems to go from strength to strengths.

Inthe profit the company garnered was more than that of the combined profit posted by the rest of African airline industry.

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In the economic sphere, Ethiopian has been able to generate sustainable long-run business growth, a stride attributed to the interplay of many factors.

We can attribute the success of the airline to several factors. Building Vibrancy through Fleet System Modernization One of the factors that have kept the dynamic gains of the Airlines is the probity of the enterprise in fleet system modernization. In the aviation sphere, it is axiomatic that an airline considering expansion into international markets characteristically cannot pursue that ambition without long-range, wide-body aircrafts.

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Ethiopian has acquired a fleet of seventy-six aircrafts, of which thirty of them are for long-range passenger services, including thirteen Boeing Dreamliners.

In view of fleet modernization and a desired increase in efficiency, the carrier has forty-two additional aircrafts on order including eight Boeing s, and fourteen As from Airbus.

It is expected that placing new aircraft orders, in the current uncertain economic conditions could have involved robust economic forecasting and strategic thinking, as aircraft purchase takes time, and this is conceivably the most intricate part of the planning process in the aviation sphere.

By doing so, Ethiopian is asserting a strategic regional role that is in line with the burgeoning weight the company carries in the aviation industry. Ethiopian has surely matured on the global stage during its long operation, and has moved up the value-added chain.

Ethiopian has echoed the Pan African call that Africa must unite in order to realize its renaissance. In early s, Ethiopian was the official presidential airline for most African heads of state. This commitment to inter-connect Africa has been congruently aligned with the long-term commitment of successive Ethiopian governments to the ideals of Pan Africanism, and it can be argued that such dedications of the governments are no just political hot air but they have made a business sense in the long term.

I believe this remark conforms to a larger pattern signifying Ethiopian as a truly pan-African carrier. Indeed, it takes an audacious level of determination to wing away trepidation in hard times.

Ethiopian has long been dispelling the negative myths associated with Africa, and its success factors herald the narrative of Africa risingIn addition, Ethiopian has long been dispelling the negative myths associated with Africa, and its success factors herald the narrative of Africa rising.

This decisive move would provide worldwide reach via the extensive Star Alliance network, offering seamless travel options and giving recognition to frequent flyer programs FFP among other benefits.

This would further assist customers to get fair price, increased air traffic volumes and frequency of services. This has also been a quantum boost to the existing good safety records Ethiopian had already taken great pride in this regard.

It was the culmination of the hard work and determination necessary in order to prove its capacity to join such a prestigious alliance, all the while continuing to provide customers a consistent level of excellence.

But what are the measured benefits that the membership brings about?Ethiopia’s huge population of about million () makes it the second most populous nation in Africa (after Nigeria). Ethiopia had population of 91, million in the year and expected to reach million by , growing at a CAGR of %.

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Ethiopia pestel analysis

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Automotive Aftermarket Market is segmented by type (Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles), Sales Channel (OEM, Professional Service Stations) and by region. This report also provides the growth . Case Study Analysis of Ethiopia. Participants: Abdulla Mammadli Zhe Lin Fanlu Zeng Tural Pasazade.

Question 1. Ethiopia is the Federal Democratic Republic located in the landlocked area of East Africa.

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