Eminem lose yourself

The movie features a character named Rabbit played by Eminem going through the struggles of living in a terrible neighborhood, performing in local rap battles, and dealing with opposition and enemies. The song Lose Yourself starts out with one of the most famous verses in rap music.

Eminem lose yourself

My status as a superstar seems contrived to me because my handlers have rearranged in my head my perception of the real world. I thought life was boring, but being a superstar is almost like being dead.

Eminem lose yourself

That usually means working harder and sacrificing more. Eventually that takes its toll in the form of loneliness and alienation. The fame of a rapstar is owned by the game, not by the artist, and will go where the game tells them to go.

Lose Yourself

As soon as the current hot artist falters, a new one is already waiting in the wings, and the spotlight shifts The irony is that this process is obvious and well known, but it still keeps happening because it is the nature of the beast.

The real question is why did E write this verse into the middle of the song and not into the end. It's like he's trying to tell himself coming up something about what he's striving for It has nothing to do with the right-wing NWO crap, so just stop.

He quotes the ones who used to say it.

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They said "Take the chance" he took it and he regreted it. The song fucking talk about him, how he feels Only him can say how he feels bad. Listen it really and not just the chorus.Oct 28,  · “Lose Yourself” is the theme song from Eminem’s semi-biographical movie 8 Mile. It’s considered one of Eminem’s best songs —if not his best song —and is also his biggest hit to date.

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Sign in. Watch Queue Queue. “Lose Yourself” is the theme song from Eminem’s semi-biographical movie 8 urbanagricultureinitiative.com’s considered one of Eminem’s best songs—if not his best song—and is also his biggest hit to date.

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Eminem’s career-defining hit "Lose Yourself" was released to the masses in October Not only did the 8 Mile smash become a cultural phenomenon, it helped steer a significant and important. Download Eminem Lose Yourself free midi and other Eminem free midi.

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