Business plan aufbau und inhalt corporation

Previously, Fabian worked for KPMG in energy related fieldsfounded a tech-company and built it up over seven years. Why are you doing what you do? I have always had a strong interest in entrepreneurship. For organizational reasons, I left the company I co-founded in

Business plan aufbau und inhalt corporation

Several terminals communicate with the data centre via communications devices and have computers CA-CD which receive the graphical data and release data from the data centre and transfer changes to the release data to the data centre via their communications devices.


The invention relates to a computer network and a method for enabling construction and design plans electronically. Building and construction plans must be tested after its completion by the designer or planner from other people.

If the test shows that the plan is free of errors and that it meets the requirements, the examiner gives the plan free. Otherwise, the examiner refused the release of the plan and gives the plan back to the designer or planner with a request for correction or modification.

After the designer or planner has made the changes, the plan is resubmitted to the person tested, then after re-examination exposes the plan in general. The release of the plan is documented by the examiner emerging plan indicating the date of the examination handwritten at a designated location in the title block of the plan.

The title blocks used in this case have a standardized structure for example, DINso that the signature of the person under test can always be business plan aufbau und inhalt corporation at the same location of the building or construction plan.

If several people tested with the audit of a plan, an order is established business plan aufbau und inhalt corporation which the test is performed. Only then the plan can be used on site and the planned building to run. If one of Scanning detects errors or keeps changes necessary to the plan of this review body is not released, but returned to the designer or planner who created a corrected or modified plan and resubmitted the auditor of the lowest hierarchy level for inspection.

The plan passes the test in all testing bodies to final approval by the auditor of the top level again. Since the plan must be signed in manuscript to be released, the plan must be spent physically from one auditor to another, which happens regularly in the mail.

Since all testing bodies must examine the plan in the given order and all inspection authorities on the same plan must document the release by signing the plan of the inspection bodies can not be processed in parallel.

To make matters worse, that with major construction projects often a very large number of plans must be reviewed and approved in particular. The inspection authorities are faced with the task of see a lot of plans and the need to pass on to the next auditor.

Although plans are now created by electronic means, such as CAD systems, and although it is possible to transfer the plans stored in file form by means of suitable communication devices quickly over long distances, these possibilities were not possible until now because of the approval of a plan is always the personal signature of the auditor was required on the plan.

This requirement applies even more in cases where one or more of the inspection bodies entrust tasks to perceive, that the statement associated with the release contributes sovereign character.

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Against this background, the object of the invention to provide a computer network and a method for electronic enabling construction and design plans, by the release of plans can be carried out faster than before without the plans have to be transported in physical form.

The invention is designed to make the solution cost, the modern facilities, particularly the modern means of communication to exploit, and to maintain the hardware and software effort among all participants as low as possible.

Gleichzeitig soll jedermann an dem Verfahren bzw. At the same time everyone should be able to participate in the procedure or the computer network. The object is achieved by a computer network according to claim 1 and a method according to claim 9 or Advantageous embodiments will be apparent from the dependent claims.

The graphics data on a regular basis are not suitable to edit the plan, as the programs for the creation and editing of such plans use different data formats.

According to the invention the data of the plan graphic data and the release data form a unit which is inextricably due to the centralized management.

It is not necessary that the inspection authorities on the programs available that are required to create or edit the image data which programs generally included a possibility to print or view the plans.

Since the inspection authorities not change the plans, but only check and release, it is sufficient to give them a way to print or view the plans. This fact increases the one hand the economy because of the programmatic effort is reduced to a minimum in the testing authorities, and on the other hand, the manipulation security since in addition to the invention hedges tampering is already difficult because the necessary programs generally are not available.

Manipulations accordance with the invention reliably prevents the graphics data and the release data are managed as a unit from the central data station and such a manipulation can be found in each case. The unit comprising the graphics data and enable data can be prepared for example by the fact that a key is generated from the graphics data using an encryption algorithm in the data center or already with the planner, which is stored in the shared data.

This release data is linked to the video data and any change in the graphics data can be determined when the key is re-created from the graphic data for review and compared with the initially created key. Since only the data center can create the key and insert it into the release data and because only the data center, the encryption algorithm is known, none of the participants can pick up the unit of graphics data and share data and change the graphics data.

There are also various other ways to restore the unity of the invention of graphics data and share data, such as using modern database systems, which themselves have adequate security systems and to provide for the design of an appropriately secured database so that the unit of the invention is generated from graphic data and share data.

So at each station a replicated copy of the access-controlled database of the data center could be provided in all or part of the same data, that is, the same units of graphics data and sharing data is stored and available to the auditor is available.

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The inspection authorities only have the ability to access the unit of graphics data and release or retrieve data in the data center, see the plan on a screen and print and document the release or non-release in the form of a bi-unique electronic signature that together from the data center is inserted into the release dates with the date.

Ablehnung des Planes dokumentiert hat. This procedure can be performed only once and causes blocking the release of data for the review body having already documented by signing the approval or rejection of the plan.

The computer network according to the invention consists of several stations and a central data station to which the stations can establish a connection via electronic communication links to retrieve the unit of graphics data and enable data from the data center or to transmit data to the data central.

With regard to the unit of graphics data and share data is available to inspection authorities there only option available to transfer changed release data to the data center, either alone or together with the video data, the change in the release data only from the results of the audit ie is approved or disapproved, and the electronic signature of the auditor.

Only the station of the designer or planner can create graphics data transfer this graphics data with an electronic signature to the data center that creates from the unit of graphics data and share data. This can be done in the form that the data central generated from the graphics data using a secret encryption algorithm a graphic data uniquely identifying the key, and stores in the shared data, and thus creates a tamper-proof coupling between the record of the released data and the graphics data for any stations Systems can be resolved.

business plan aufbau und inhalt corporation

The data center preferably stores next to the graphic data characterizing key and the electronic signature of the designer or planner and the date of transfer in the release rate.

After that, the graphics data are extracted also for the designer or planner for free access so that he can not change this data or replace it with other data.View Nadina Madeo’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Nadina has 6 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Nadina’s connections and jobs at similar companies. und vereinbarte, daß die Überschrift des Abschnitts überprüft werden sollte, wenn der Inhalt über die Technischen Begriffe hinausgeht, wie dies bei den zur Zeit einbezogenen Begriffen der Fall war.

A business plan is a formal statement of business goals, reasons they are attainable, and plans for reaching them.

It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. Written business plans are often required to obtain a bank loan or other financing. Writing a Business Plan Georgia State SBDC 2 Why Write a Business Plan?

A Business Plan helps you evaluate the feasibility of a new business idea in an objective, critical, and unemotional way. May 14,  · Wie erstellst du einen Businessplan?

Welche Bestandteile sollte ein Businessplan haben? Willst du deinen Businessplan selbst . Ablauf des Workshopsa) Gestaltung einer FP7-Projektidee Aufbau und Management eines FP7-b) Konsortiumsc) Aufbau und Inhalt eines FP7-Antrages (Formulare & Participant Portal) Aufbau und Management einesd) Projektbudgets Tipps und Methoden .

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