Bahala na attitude essay

In time this expression has become a philosophy of life, a cultural trait that has strongly developed into a significant core of Filipino attitudes.

Bahala na attitude essay

It felt so good to eat! I had been battling a bad tummy bug since Sunday afternoon. The night before, I had a fever, but it broke Sunday morning.

Bahala na attitude essay

However, some time after eating lunch, I was just doubled down on the couch, experiencing very gaseous pain all the way into the night time. So, Wednesday, I was well enough and felt daring enough to eat something more substantial after eating soup and crackers all day on Tuesday.

Somehow, a half cup of rice, a fried egg, and a small piece of ham for breakfast was a sufficient feast after my bout with a bug. And I was thankful for what little I was able to eat. The commute is horrendous. As a result, the Lord gave them manna…miraculously appearing upon the ground each day Exodus It still needed work in order for it to be eaten, but it was just enough for the day.

You had to do it again everyday except for the day before the Sabbath, which required you to do twice the amount of work in behalf of the Sabbath day.

Then, there came a time when the people got tired of the manna and complained for God to give them meat instead Numbers, Chapter Disappointed by their ingratitude, he gave them quail.

And, boy, did He give them quail! The people that lusted for the meat…. Take what you want out of that. This job is my manna from the Lord. He gave this to me. I just have to work everyday to benefit from it. But you worked for it.

And if you really think about it…the Lord was feeding you. He gave you what you needed for that day. You just have to put forth the effort, the work, every day as well. Same with this job, with my income, with my home, with where we live and where we work.

What we have right now is enough. The Lord provides what we need. Would a higher paying job actually be the dream job of travel all over the place…or would it mean more hours at the office, more stress in deadlines, more sapping of creativity, more time away from home and my wife and my family?

Would more stuff and junk translate to more happiness…or more cleaning up and throwing away…more waste? I have a job. I have a home. I have provisions for my family, and an income.

It may feel like all of these have the same taste over and over again. But I realize that this manna is not from me.Research papers on childhood obesity, kgs middle section admissions essay krebsbefund beispiel essay bahala na attitude essay my best friend essay in bengali research paper on xanax essay on affirmative action education play my summer break essay kellogg video essay importance of education essay for to kill a mockingbird on courage essay and.

Bahala Na! is a Tagalog expression that perfectly encapsulates the typical Filipino attitude towards life. The oft-used phrase Bahala Na can be translated into English as: . “Bahala na” attitude is not that bad because we do our part, but we just hope for the guidance and help of God.

We Filipinos are well known of having a good relationship to people such as being family oriented and “pakikipagkapwa”. The Internet entry talks about corruption and bewails the Filipino attitude towards it: “ because we purposedly LET IT BE (and this must also be our one true weakness: ‘okay lang’ or ‘pabayaan mo na lang’ or ‘bahala na siya’ or ‘pasensiya na lang’)” (Messages ).

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print preview. New insights into the Pinoy psyche By Mariamme D. Jadloc (July-August)—A new personality test reveals that people with the “bahala na” attitude have “high emotional instability and are not used to planning their tasks and activities.”.

Bahala na: Bahala Na translates literally as "leave it up to God (Bathala)" and it is used as an expression, almost universally, in Filipino culture. Filipinos engage in the bahala na attitude as a culture-influenced adaptive coping .

Bahala na attitude essay
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