An investigation into the stopping distance of a toy car

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An investigation into the stopping distance of a toy car

This is an investigation I have been studying recently, can someone help with the following Place a toy car at the top of a ramp. Measure the distance it travels from the bottom of the ramp.

Add a g mass to the car and repeat. Repeat with additional masses attached. I expect the car with more mass to travel further. However, the results show very little variation 2. Relevant equations This is what I have been thinking The car with the most mass has the most KE. Thereforemore Work is needed to change the cars velocity to zero.

Therefore, the car with the most mass should travel the furthest before stopping. The attempt at a solution I was thinking, the normal force is equal to the car's weight. When the car's weight increases, the normal force increases.

The normal force is the force that is doing the work to stop the car. Since the normal force increases when the weight increases, enough work is done to slow the car down. Do my results make sense? Should the mass cause the distance traveled by the car to increase?

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In the three parts of this investigation, they are tasked with describing, with graphs and equations, the motion of the ball on the inclined ramp, the horizontal track, and as a projectile.

the establishment and use of a codified table of speed and stopping distances, (2) an investigation of the scientific issues related to the table specified in the Code, and (3) the development of recommendations regarding amendments to Virginia’s table.

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Rationale and Preparation

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An investigation into the stopping distance of a toy car

Get the latest breaking news across the U.S. on Give your data to an adult or older friend to divide the distance traveled (the length of the ramp) by the time it took the car to travel that distance for each time you rolled the car down the ramp.


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