An analysis of my career in marketing management

Estimate Risk Once you've identified the threats you're facing, you need to calculate out both the likelihood of these threats being realized, and their possible impact.

An analysis of my career in marketing management

A SWOT is one such analysis. Completing a SWOT analysis helps you identify ways to minimize the effect of weaknesses in your business while maximizing your strengths. Ideally, you will match your strengths against market opportunities that result from your competitors' weaknesses or voids.

Then, begin filling in the lists. Strengths - Think about what your company does well. What makes you stand out from your competitors? What advantages do you have over other businesses? Weaknesses - List the areas that are a struggle.

Data Analysis Technique 1: Frequency Distribution (Histogram in Excel)

What do your customers complain about? What are the unmet needs of your sales force? Opportunities - Try to uncover areas where your strengths are not being fully utilized.

Are there emerging trends that fit with your company's strengths? Look both inside and outside of your company for things that could damage your business.

Internally, do you have financial, development, or other problems?

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Externally, are your competitors becoming stronger, are there emerging trends that amplify one of your weaknesses, or do you see other threats to your company's success?

One way to improve upon the basic SWOT is to include more detailed competitor information in the analysis. Note Internet-related activities such as trade organization participation, search engine inclusion, and outside links to the sites. This will better help you spot opportunities for and threats to your company.

Quantitative Data Analysis Techniques for Data-Driven Marketing

You can also take a closer look at the business environment. Often, opportunities arise as a result of a changing business environment. A new trend develops for which demand outstrips the supply of quality options.

For example, early on, the trend toward healthy eating coupled with an insistence on good-tasting food produced a shortage of acceptable natural food alternatives. A customer segment is becoming more predominant, but their specific needs are not being fully met by your competitors.

Hispanic population experienced this phenomenon in the late s and early s. A customer, competitor, or supplier goes out of business or merges with another company. With the demise of many pure-play dot-coms, examples of this abound. As each went out of business, opportunities arise to gain the defunct business--customers.

You can also enhance a SWOT analysis through surveys. You can learn more about your own as well as competitor sites and businesses. Whether using a basic or more advanced approach to SWOT analysis, you are sure to come away with newfound insights.

Use these to increase your company's effectiveness and as input into your business or marketing plan.

An analysis of my career in marketing management

Strategic Web Site Marketing.Marketing communication can be done in several ways that are why a career in marketing opens several doors as a profession.

In the marketing profession, your job will be to take a "generic" product and/or service and associate that product or service with a brand name. Key Points. Risk Analysis is a proven way of identifying and assessing factors that could negatively affect the success of a business or project.

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I also want to take a management role in my company. Master’s Degree in Marketing. Marketing degrees are generally focused on accomplishing two primary goals: Gaining leadership or management skills and knowledge, and obtaining education in specialized areas of marketing.

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An analysis of my career in marketing management
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