A trip that changed my life for the better

The town of Riomaggiore Cinque Terre at dusk Back in September I was fortunate enough to go and shoot a wedding in Italy for a long time client and now friend.

A trip that changed my life for the better

A trip that changed my life for the better

The grassy plains along state road 67 looked like a scene from Sound of Music. After a quick visit to Grand Canyon National Park my firstwe searched the winding roads outside the park for a campsite.

I nervously navigated my Dodge Charger up the dirt roads, cringing over every rock and bump, but my travel companions Stephen and Robbie both assured me the car was fine. We explored the path beyond and discovered a trail winding down the edge of the Grand Canyon.

This is how one backpacking trip changed everything. I lived in Arizona for almost eight years before my first backpacking experience. I took a few car camping trips to the Mogollon Rim and several day hikes around Phoenix, but I had no idea what the American Southwest really had to offer.

I have only seen a tiny fraction of the world, hell, the country, but what I have seen is nothing short of a marvel. The high temperature in lower Zion was almost degrees when we climbed 1, feet in 2.

Maybe it was the exhilaration of the moment or the pressure to keep up with two more experienced hikers, but the difficulty of the Angels Landing is what made the summit so sweet. Life is just better with a little grit.

Once you have all the gear — which admittedly is not cheap — backpacking is practically free. Our night spent on the edge of the Grand Canyon cost zero dollars and zero cents.

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All you need is gas in the tank and a map in your pocket. Part of it is my outlet on this blog and making YouTube videos, but it goes deeper than that. When you explore the wilder places of the earth, it changes the way your brain functions.

The outdoors may be the best thing to happen to my relationship, and soon, my marriage. This adventure started with good friends but it continues with a great woman.

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The Trip That Changed My Life – National Geographic Traveler Cover Competition Travel has the power to change our thinking, inspire our imaginations, and experience unforgettable moments.

Put simply, travel can change your life. My easiest and almost tastiest dinner is this: Half a jar of watered down tomatoey/garlicy pasta sauce. A can of tuna. Rice.

A trip that changed my life for the better

Cook the rice, heat the tuna in the pasta sauce, stir in a good sized dollop of pesto, and dump the lot over the rice. How One Backpacking Trip Changed My Life. I didn’t know this kind of green was possible in the southwest.

The road from Jacob Lake, Arizona to the north rim of the Grand Canyon was unlike anything I’d ever seen in the desert.

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